Kevin & Gerry Eagle

by | Mar 19, 2021

Kevin & Gerry Eagle

After 18 months of frustratingly slow progress in trying to renovate our 1986 family home ready for our future retirement, with my husband and I having very conflicting style ideas and after having had several quotes from uninspiring kitchen and bathroom renovators, we came upon a flyer for Mister Makeover, Terry.

One of the main stalling points for our makeover was an inability by any kitchen specialist/renovators to provide us with an alternative floor plan for our tiny kitchen and a basically useless older style bar area. Our home had a lot of floor space that was being badly utilised. Similarly we had an extremely large ensuite bathroom with lots of potential but a poor floor plan and a functioning but very outdated laundry.

After a meeting with Terry in our home and explaining to him our frustration with previous consultations with renovation specialists being unimaginative and really only offering a reshuffling of cupboards and bench tops and not really solving what we saw as the main issues of space utilisation, he very quickly saw the potential where others hadn’t and was able to provide a solution that we were very excited with and which immediately gave us confidence in his and his teams abilities.

My husband and I have very different style ideas that had been causing us very significant delays. Terry was able to be the in between man and help us very patiently negotiate our ways to a style solution that we are both extremely pleased with.

We are very impressed with Terry and his team, are thrilled with the end result and have no hesitation in recommending his services to anyone wanting knowledgeable, professional and friendly advice.

Thanks Terry and your Makeover Team!